A New American Polyglot and Wise Words from Anthony Lauder

This is a quick hodgepodge post. Tommy McDonald is the newest polyglot I’ve come across. I have great respect for all polyglots but particularly ones who come from places that are culturally monolingual. His, subtitled, video below shows skill in English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German and Italian. How’s that for variety?



Anthony Lauder is very good at breaking things down into easily understood, yet insightful, pieces. I highly recommend all ten minutes of the following video.


4 Responses

  1. Very cool videos, Ryan, thanks for posting. What Anthony said about different developmental stages is something I’ve known about and understood, sort of, but that I just haven’t been able to concretely verbalize and explain. What works for more experienced people will not work for you, the beginner, you need to do something else, and I know that’s not what a lot of people want to hear, and what’s worse is that the really experienced people can’t tell you what it is that you, a beginner, needs to do but only that what they’re doing isn’t it.


  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I found your blog via Luca on Facebook and I’m enjoying your articles.



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