European Multilingual Competition

Deutsche-Welle is having a multilingual competition for Europeans. My friend Richard Simcott is one of nine people you can vote for. He is by far the most advanced multilingual competitor (16 languages!) but his video doesn’t have the production quality that a few of the others have. That’s not the point of the competition but it gets votes apparently.

Vote for him here! You don’t have to be European to vote and they will take your votes right up to the 24th of July.



Language Learning: 4 Important Factors

Inspired by the Canadian program on hyperpolyglots, I decided to make this video.


Previews from a Meeting of the Polyglots in Canada

Here are a couple of wonderful preview videos of a Canadian TV program about polyglots. Enjoy!


Tim Makes the New York Times

Here is a link to a New York Times piece on hyperpolyglots that focuses on our friend Tim. We see a few quick images of other friends like Luca and Dr. Argüelles.

Tim the Teen Polyglot Phenomenon

If this is a hoax it is very convincing. Tim, a teenage American polyglot, demonstrates his ability in 10 languages in these Youtube videos. Not only are the languages mostly unrelated to each other and his own native language, not only has he learned these languages with a high degree of autonomy, he is just in his mid teens!











I hate to be a naysayer but this kid just looks too good to be true. I hope he’s not overstating his abilities because I’ve learned that such behavior inevitably leads to public embarrassment. The optimist in me wants to give him a chance though. Tim, you have made some very impressive videos. I’m excited to see what you will do next!

Linguistic Conversation

I hope you enjoy a conversation I had with a friend of mine who is also a language enthusiast. In this podcast, we talk about languages, language learning and fluency, among other things. Please let us know what you think.

Three New Videos from Ziad Fazah

Back in 2008 I wrote a post on the mysterious Ziad Fazah. I lost contact with Ziad for quite some time but last week I received an email from him. He is trying his hand at making Youtube videos in different languages. As a start he has three: English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.


Mandarin Chinese


Please remember Ziad is new to making videos and is not a world traveler who get’s to speak his languages with natives everyday. I think we should all be encouraging to Ziad and see if he won’t make some more videos. Your thoughts and comments and encouragement are welcome.