New Lady Polyglots

The MehrsprachICH competition is over and I am happy to announce that my friend Richard won first place! Thanks to those of you who responded to my invitation to vote for him. Every voted certainly counted. While I am please that Richard won, I was also happy to come across new polyglots that I was previously unaware of.

Male polyglots are very well represented online. Moses McCormick, Benny Lewis, Steve Kaufmann, Stuart Jay Raj, Luca LamparielloRichard Simcott and Dr. Alexander Argüelles are some of the most well known. Female polyglots are not nearly as well represented but they do exist. Three who have come to my attention are Susanna Zaraysky, Jana Fadness and Kathleen Hearons. These ladies have done some fabulous work with their languages and their videos are definitely worth watching.

The MehrsprechICH competition introduced me to three more lady polyglots that I would like to highlight here. Dalia Hazem’s video didn’t actually make it into the competition but is worthy of mention nonetheless. You can tell that she’s serious about writing and making her works known in English and German in addition to her native Arabic.

Lily Alexandrova’s video got fourth place in the competition. Be sure to turn on the subtitles when you watch it. Her knowledge of French, German, Spanish and Italian (in addition to her native Bulgarian) are impressive to say the least. As a native English speaker, I get a huge kick out of her English. She speaks as if she were the daughter of an English lord. Watch out world! She’s going to be a lawyer soon.

Anastasia, from Lithuania, had the best produced video in the competition. Her love of languages and cultural exchange come across very clearly as she switches effortlessly between her four most fluent languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English and German. She also includes fun little scenes in Spanish, Polish, Korean and Japanese. I was genuinely surprised that she didn’t get more votes. Remember to turn on the subtitles while watching her video as well.

I want to wish all three of these new young polyglots the best! We hope they will all continue to share their language learning journeys with us.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks alot 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, this is a huge compliment, especially the bit about English. My passion for languages started with reading fiction, which then progressed into writing, and I now write primarily in English. : )

    • I call it like I see Lily. I hope you don’t stop interacting with the online language community. It would be fun if you did a multilingual video next time you went abroad and posted it on Youtube. You could even make one in a city like Sofia if you wanted. Food for thought.

  3. Congratulations to your friend! I was hoping he would win. That’s excellent. Sounds like he might kind of owe you a little bit, you know? I suspect your blog posts about it made quite a difference.

    I really enjoyed the videos, you’re right that this seems to be a very male-dominated field, which is actually a bit strange considering the fact that women are generally known to have better verbal skills on average, you’d think they’d be just a little bit better at foreign language acquisition than men. I’d love to read an explanation as to why that’s the case.


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