One of the Best Polyglots in the World

The multilingual competition in Europe is still on! It boggles the mind to see the best contestant trailing in a distant third place. I suppose this wouldn’t bother me so much if the other contestants had studied over 30 languages like Richard; it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if any of them had a near native or native command of six languages, like Richard; I probably would have a hard time deciding whom to vote for if I had ever seen ANY of the other contestants encouraging fellow language learners online before. This is exactly what Richard has been doing for years. See him below in New York encouraging the next generation of hyperpolyglots.

Don’t wait! It will take you two seconds to vote here to make sure the best person wins. Who would be better to represent and promote multilingualism in the world than a man who has studied languages since kindergarten and has been promoting multilingualism for years ? Vote for Richard!


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