Previews from a Meeting of the Polyglots in Canada

Here are a couple of wonderful preview videos of a Canadian TV program about polyglots. Enjoy!



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  1. These are great videos. The second one is helpful and informative.

    The first one deserves more comment. The interviewer seems intimidated by being around all these “smart” guys. (All guys, too–why is that?) There’s a funny assumption that if someone speaks 5 languages they have a different brain than everyone else.

    Is this so? My wife plays piano, guitar, and mandolin. She’s taken saxophone, and she helps my kids with their violin and flute practice. Five instruments. I have to say that her dedication to music is fantastic and she loves music. But I don’t know if she has a special “gift,” other than than dedication and love. My dedication and love are placed elsewhere: languages. She gets a rush when people enjoy her music; my rush comes when I can talk to the non-English speaker.

    BTW Ray Jackendoff, linguist at Tufts University, writes about language and music and cognition. He’s an MIT linguistics grad, the inventor of X-bar theory, and concert clarinetist.

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