Linguistic Conversation

I hope you enjoy a conversation I had with a friend of mine who is also a language enthusiast. In this podcast, we talk about languages, language learning and fluency, among other things. Please let us know what you think.


14 Responses

  1. I had a great time listening to this! Give us more, please.

  2. It was a delight to listen to this, considering especially that I’m a Spanish language student myself. Thanks for sharing the experience and I would certainly look forward to more such conversations in future.


  3. Hi there! I’m a Student From the area of languages =) n i love this blog! im from Mexico =)..
    Thank u for do all this… its so beautiful n educative…

  4. and of course, if ryan wants to practice spanish with a native person…i can help (=

  5. […] Linguist Blogger has a very interesting podcast up in which he and a friend discuss language learning in general, and fluency specifically. […]

  6. per spoon si dice cucchiao.

  7. chiedo scusa – *cucchiaio* (errore di battitura)

  8. This has been a very entertaining and at the same time extremely instructive and insightful recording. I really enjoyed it very much. Greetings from Austria.

  9. I mostly enjoyed your discussion and appreciated your attempt to grapple with the how we should qualify levels of fluency. You’re right to highlight how fluency is connected to an area of life (household activities, intellectual discourse, socialising with strangers, fixing computers) and how someone with a high fluency (CEFR C2 ILR 4) in diplomatic debate or legal texts could also be a A2/ 1 in the language of barroom chinwagging about major league baseball.
    The model that works for me is one of fluency at a role in a linguistic/cultural context. To get a feel for this perspective it’s helpful to look at where in your own linguistic culture would you be able to read/write/speak and listen at different levels. Most people would realise from doing this that everybody’s linguistic/cultural fluency/facility is uneven and related to factors of age, class, education, and economic/employment.

  10. This was great, I really enjoyed it, lots of the stuff you said I completely agree with from my own personal experiences. Please make more podcasts! 😀

  11. Excellent discussion on language learning Ryan! 🙂 Especially because I know how well you speak all your languages. You definitely know what you are talking about. I’ve been showing this podcast around on FB. Your friend, Luca

  12. Hola, me encantaba el primer podcast! He estado aprendiendo español en el colegio, y ahora estudio ruso por mi cuenta. El podcast fue muy entretenido, y no puedo esperar por el próximo.

  13. Fantastic podcast Ryan. The issue of fluency is so broad and quite tough one. At least, I find it difficult to estimate my level (starting with English by French and Portuguese). I agree we should be as just as possible while doing it (as our lie can be discovered shortly).

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