Loose Ends

Although life is busy, the “dust has settled” a bit and I find myself missing this blog terribly. I would like to get back to writing but before I do I feel like there are some things that need to be communicated first. Your help and patience would be most appreciated.


Interview with Dr. Freire

I promise that I actually interviewed him. The problem is that the audio file is almost 100 megabytes. Do any of you know where I could upload this enormous file so it could be linked here for blog readers to have access to it?


Language Test for Ziad Fazah

Ziad has gone missing. In his last email he told me that he was moving to Southern Brazil, where he first lived when he moved from Lebanon. Unfortunately this project will be postponed indefinitely. That is really too bad since the slanderous video that I referred to in my post about him is back on youtube. I promise that Ziad and I have talked about this test in the past and that we have even met. Here is a picture of us when I visited him in Brazil in 2007.

Ryan and Ziad


Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Though I will be writing again, I will not be able to write once or twice a week like I did before. I plan on producing a decent post once or twice a month. I hope that adding me to, or keeping me in, your feedburner will be an enjoyable experience for you.


3 Responses

  1. Well, I have unlimited web hosting and I could offer it for you to upload the file but the problem is that it’s only until November or December (can’t recall exactly now) and I can’t garantee that I will be extending with the same hosting company after that period (although that is likely).

    Still, it could be there for at least some two months. If you need that, let me know.

  2. Welcome back, my friend. I’m also very busy at the moment and can’t post as frequently as I’d like, so I understand how do you feel about your blog.

    That’s a good news, I’ma follower of your blog, and I’ll very happy reading your posts, even though if they are seldom published. Precisely, my last post is about one of your posts (and I made the quotation).

    See you soon.

  3. Lyzazel: Thanks a lot for the offer. We should really talk in November! Feel free to use the “Contact” tab to get a hold of me.

    El Forastero: I saw that post and it was very complimentary. Thank you for the post, your comments and encouragement.

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