Luca the Italian Polyglot

I think it is interesting how some of the best language learners I have come into contact with are mostly self taught. My friend Luca is no exception. Luca is causing waves on youtube right now because of a nearly six and a half minute video he made of himself speaking in eight languages. See the video below.

This video has been watched thousands of times by people from all over the world. A European who speaks eight languages is extraordinary but not really a phenomenon. What makes Luca truly stand out from the crowd, even among his fellow Europeans, is his ability to speak with such a native sounding accent in his seven foreign languages. Give his videos in French and German a listen.

Right after watching Luca’s octaglot video for the first time I logged onto the polyglot website’s chat room, excited to share the video with people there. In one of the most bizarre coincidences I found that Luca was already in the chat room. I introduced myself and since then we’ve had some very good chats about languages and language learning. See Luca’s videos in Italian and Swedish.

Luca’s abilities are a testament to some of the things that I truly want to communicate on this blog: that anyone can learn a language, that learning several languages is not an impossible task, that learning languages is a life enriching experience. With his permission, I recorded some of a telephone chat that he and I had today about language learning. Listen to it here.

After I stopped recording, he and I talked for a while longer about other polyglots that we’ve come into contact with, like Stuart Jay Raj, Steve Kaufmann, Dr. Alexander Arguelles, Ziad Fazah and Dr. Carlos do Amaral Freire, to name a few. He also confessed that his favorite language, at least right now, is Russian. See his videos in Dutch and Spanish.

Linguists like Luca are inspirational and I think that there are definitely things that we can learn from them. If you look for Luca on youtube during the next few days you will see his video, in English, that includes tips for learning languages. We wish Luca well on his language learning journey and thank him for the interview. To end this post, I’ve included his videos in Russian and in English.


9 Responses

  1. Wow! He is amazing!

  2. Well, he only said a couple of sentences in Russian. But his pronunciation was pretty good.

  3. First, I only watched the first video but I’m VERY impressed. He says that he speaks the languages more or less, but his English, Spanish and Dutch are just perfect. You could say he has a perfect native Dutch accent, an upper class accent, but a native nonetheless. I also like his Spanish accent, very real and nice counding :).

    I’m going to watch the other videos for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi there 🙂

    I agree, Luca is inspirational. I stumbled upon your blog after seeing his video on youtube.

    The link to the recording of you and Luca having a discussion on the phone no longer works – can you please please make it available again?

    Thanks kindly in advance 🙂

  5. What’s Luca’s job? How old is he? When did he start learning these languages? Thanks

    • Daniele: Thanks a lot for reading. Luca is finishing up his degree in electrical engineering and he’s 28 or 29. He explains when he started studying languages in his English video.

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  8. He’s completely inspirational. What I find most impressive is that he speaks different languages but speaks with a native accent in languages from such different language families. Russian and Spanish? It’s fantastic.

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