Sophomoric Language Quiz

Today I will pack up the rest of my belongings, load them into a large rented van and then tomorrow travel more than 650 miles (1,050 kilometers) to my new home where my wife will be waiting for me. Hopefully there will also be some friends and members of my family and church who will help me unload all of that stuff. Whenever I move I suddenly have the desire to become a minimalist. In any case, this commotion prevents me from spending time developing a fully fleshed out idea to write a post on.

The Omniglot has an fun tradition of posting language quizzes like these. Today I thought I would post my own quiz questions using an entertaining website a friend of mine showed me a few weeks ago. The object of the quiz will be to try and figure out what the people are saying each language. If one of them is in your native language, please don’t tell the rest of us what is being said:

Language 1

Language 2

Language 3

Language 4

Language 5

Language 6

Language 7

Language 8

Language 9a

Language 9b

Language 10

I’m sure you can find some better things to do with this website that I used for the quiz. The pronunciation of a foreign language is usually tricky at first, especially if the language doesn’t have an alphabet. Maybe this site will be useful to you. I’ve used it a couple of times to double check my French. In any case, I look forward to your responses and translations. Have fun!


2 Responses

  1. well, I took the quiz:

    1) Mister, why do you show me that?
    2) (it’s Chinese, i haven’t ot any idea)
    3) (I’m a native spanish speakers)

    However, i’m very intriguing for the trabslation for “Mono”, because in spanish this word has several means. It could be “Monkey”, “Overall”or “Blonde guy”

    4) (Korean, any idea)
    5) take me to your boss
    6) I like your xxxxx
    7) Japanese – No idea 😦
    8) – – – – –
    10) They like your pirate’s shirt

    Well, it was a try 🙂

  2. El Forastero: Thanks for trying. Here are the translations into English.

    Language 1 was Italian and said, “Why are you looking at me Swan?”

    Language 2 was Chinese and said, “I think your mom is attractive.”

    Language 3 was Spanish and said, “Whose monkey is this?”

    Language 4 was Korean and said, “I love garlic.”

    Language 5 was French and said, “Take me to your leader.”

    Language 6 was German and said, “I like your pants.”

    Language 7 was Japanese and said, “This tastes like old socks.”

    Language 8 was Russian and said, “She wants to fight you.”

    Language 10 was Portuguese and said, “They love your pirate sleeves.”

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