New Olympic Theme Song

For the past six months or so I have been making a feeble attempt at learning Mandarin Chinese. As with any language learning, my studies have brought me to learn about Chinese history and culture and to interact with some wonderful Chinese people from all over the Giant of the Far East. Although my learning has been rather frustrating at times it has also been very encouraged and supported by generous, helpful and thoughtful Chinese friends.

Below is a video composed by the winner of a huge competition in China to present the world with the Beijing Olympic Games’ theme song. There were thousands of applicants. The song is not very profound nor will it start a new movement within music but it does not try to do either of these things. The song is inspirational, hopeful and makes me excited for the Olympic games to begin in China. The video features over a dozen popular Chinese singers, including the always entertaining Jackie Chan, who welcome all of us to Beijing in the spirit of competition and excellence. The first time I watched the video it was without subtitles and the only full sentence that I understood was the refrain, “Beijing welcomes you.” Thanks to Jenny Zhu from Chinesepod for bringing this video to my attention.

Videos like these make me happy to know several languages. The world is enormous and full of wondrous and beautiful variety and yet the global community is getting smaller everyday. By learning each other’s languages we bring ourselves closer, avoiding conflict and fostering understanding and mutual appreciation.


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  2. With all of the craziness that has surrounded and accompanied the Olympic Games in Beijing this summer, I really hope that they are successful and without any major problems. China has worked very hard on preparing for the Olympics, and the Games really are a celebration of “the global community.” It’s a chance to have people from all around the world come together representing their country in their respective sports. I do hope that the athletes also realize the Games would never be possible without the cooperation of people from so many countries, speaking so many different languages. I am truly excited to for the Olympics in August. Good luck with your Chinese studies, Ryan!

    P.S. I love how Jackie Chan is in that video!

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